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WD Allen

Águas nunca pescadas e acesso exclusivo!

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Eu pensaria que agora depois de 5 anos, seriam acostumados bem os peixes em Rio Marie a iscas, e que a propaganda de acesso exclusivo seria velha cague. Águas nunca pescadas e acesso exclusivo ambos Ridículo.

O seguinte é reimprimido do mais recente PeacockBass Asociation, carta de notícias. rindo2:

Talvez um de você, companheiros, podem fazer uma tradução rápida para esses que podem ser interessados.

Upper Negro Tributary Fishing Underway - Acute Angling's Rio Marie fishing season is underway and operating with the company's government approved contract with the federation of indigenous people populating the Sao Gabriel Brazil region, according to outfitter Paul Reiss. "We employ local Indian guides who know every inch of this system and we create our trip schedule in accord with the region's unique hydraulic regime, so that we optimize our ability to encounter proper water levels," he says. "Our clients arrive comfortably and conveniently by floatplane, literally delivered to the doorstep of our floating bungalow camp, as we are not tied to any one stretch of the river by a need to transfer clients by boat. We simply find the best water for the conditions, put ourselves in it and call in the floatplane, anywhere in the system." Although several agents and one outfitter have been selling this river as "exclusive", Paul notes that Acute Angling has already been operating on this upper Rio Negro tributary for 3 years. "We continue to do so very successfully and our season on the Rio Marie will continue into November," he says. "Our camp, well-trained local staff and valuable clients are fishing here under the auspices of the region's bureau of Indian affairs and with the oversight of representatives from the state of Amazonas police. Agent inquiries are welcome." For more information, phone Paul or Garry Reiss at (866) 832-2987 or email

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